Tesbo: Keyword Driven Functional Test Automation F...

When we term “Framework for Tester“, We really mean it, It’s not for the developer, who loves to write a lot of code for testing an app, it’s actually for the tester, who loves to test applications, a more faster  and easy way!!!! Tesbo is the hybrid test framework that is built upon the keyword-driven and also

Tesbo Design journey Part 1: Plain English Languag...

Since its inception, Tesbo has seen many changes from concepts to final features. Many features and tools exist at the beginning of the journey but later we have removed or changed them completely. In this Tesbo design journey series, I’m going to talk about the various concepts and ideas and why we have chosen or

Tesbo – The Future of Automation Testing

Nowadays, businesses over the globe keep on foraying into a fierce market space that demands quality products to expand their market share. To support this Software development is also transforming to the advancement of new technologies and methodologies in terms of development process organisation. As per the current trend most of the IT organisations are

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