Get Config file data in custom steps files

Sometime We need to run the Test based on the configuration that we have provided into the Config like browser, OS or Environment.  Tesbo provide the facility to get the config file data runtime by using GetUserConfiguration Class.   i.e :

GetUserConfiguration userConfiguration=new GetUserConfiguration();
@Step("Get Config File Attribute Value")
public void GetConfigFileAttributeValue()

 And some extra function,

Function Name Usage Datatype
getEnvironment( ) Environment path from config file.  String 
getBaseUrl( ) URL path from config file.  String 
getBrowsers( ) Browser details from config file.  ArrayList 
getBinaryPath(String s) Display binary path which is in config file.  String 
getBrowserClose( ) Browser close config   Boolean
getBy( ) Excess By Suite & By Tag both files.  JSON Obj
getLocatorDirectory( ) Get Locator directory’s path.  String 
getLocatorPrefrence( ) To specific locator’s categories. Its useful because it takes less time
for execution because of there specific categories.
getCapabilities(String s) Shows browser’s Capabilities.  JSON Obj
getCloudIntegration( ) Report cloud Integration with Tesbo.  JSON Obj
getConfigFilepath( ) Display Config file path.  String
getCustomStepDirectory( ) Display CustomSteps’s path directory.  String
getHighlightsElement( ) Highlights Element which are use currently in file.  Boolean
getIsCloudIntergration( ) Display cloud is integrated or not.  Boolean
getIsGrid( ) Display file execute in grid or not.  Boolean
getParallel( ) Fetch status from config file of parallel function.  JSON Obj
getPauseStepDisplay( ) It’s used when required data wants hide.  Boolean
getProjectDirectory( ) Shows path of project directory.  String
getRetryAnalyser( )  Test case will re-run which fail.   String
getRunBy( )  Run only particular field.  Boolean
getRunPastFailure( )  Run failed test case of past build project.   String
getSeleniumAddress( )  Get selenium address from config file.  String
getSingleWindowRun( )  Test cases run on single window.  Boolean
getSuite( )  Shows suite file name.  ArrayList
getSuitesDirectory( )  Get suite’s directory path.  String
getTags( )  Display tags name which are mentioned in config file.  ArrayList

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