Getting started with Tesbo

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In this article, We are going to explore basics of the Tesbo and Will start to write the one simple test script.

We need some Prerequisite, let’s take a look on it

  1. Java : Tesbo is complete written into the Java
  2. Maven : We will use the maven to manage the Tesbo dependency and configure the test run using maven, this will helpful when you need to configure test execution with CI/CD server like Jenkins
  3. Any IDE or Editor
  4. Basic Git Knowledge

Setup : #

We have made a setup very easy for you by creating a GitHub repository with the sample test scripts, you can clone or download it from here


you can find complete tutorial about clone repository from here

Once you clone, Let’s open it in editor, you can use any editor of your preference,I’m usinf Intellij Community Editor

Please note that Tesbo-Skeleton is a maven project so add it as Maven Project into your IDE

Let’s first understand the folder structure of the Tesbo, Tesbo follow the strict folder structure so it’s important to understand it.

└── src                                   

        │   ├── test                            # Contains all the tests folder
        │        ├── runner
        │        │      └─── Runner.java        # Main Test Runner Invocation file  
        │        ├── locator       
        │        │      └─── moduelName.json    # Locators will be define here
        │        └── tests
        │        │       └─── moduleName.tests  # All the test define here
        │        └── suite
        │        │       └─── moduleName.suite  # Collection of Test for execution
        │        └── customStep
        │               └─── anyfilename.java   # Define your custom code here
        │        └── dataset                    # defing data in json or Excel 
        └── config.json           # Main configuration file for the Running Tesbo

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