Tesbo : Framework for Test Engineer

When we term “Framework for Test Engineer“, We really mean it, It’s not for the developer, who loves to write a lot of code for testing an app, it’s actually for the tester, who loves to test applications, a faster way!!!!

Tesbo is the hybrid test framework that is built upon the keyword-driven and also representing the tests similar to the behavior-driven approach. Tesbo supports the development of the Functional test script for the Web as well as Mobile Applications.

With the Tesbo, We are on the mission to reduce
test script development and maintenance time and efforts.

Let’s take a look on how Tesbo test is look like

Test: TC_Home_004 User clicks on 'SEE ALL' link of any shelf on Home page
#TC_Home_004  #home
Step: Pause until @ClassicSightseeingInParisTitle is display
Step: Pause for 2 sec
Step: Scroll to @ClassicSightseeingInParisTitle
Verify: @ClassicSightseeingInParisTitle text is equal ignore case 'Classic Sightseeing in Paris'
Step: Click on @ClassicSightseeingInParisSeeAllLink
Step: Switch to new window
Verify: @ClassicSightseeingInParisHeadline text is equal ignore case 'Paris'

Write Test into simple English language and it works.. So Easy write.

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