Since its inception, Tesbo has seen many changes from concepts to final features. Many features and tools exist at the beginning of the journey but later we have removed or changed them completely. In this Tesbo design journey series, I’m going to talk about the various concepts and ideas and why we have chosen or remove that.

In this first article, I wanted to share why I have chosen the plain English language.

When I started my first test automation job, Everybody is using the framework using selenium and TestNG, it’s strong, powerful and flexible yet easy to understand and maintainable, I loved using them and have completed many projects with the TestNG.

During that time cucumber framework drag my attentions, Writing test using the plain English language excited me, I have started exploring it and implemented into one of my customer projects, it’s easy to maintain at beginning but on long run, maintenance became hard as Test engineer has to maintain both feature files and mapped code as well. I found out that BDD is good for a small project but It’s not for the long project as it’s increasing the overhead to maintains more files.

The main Advantage of BDD is that it represents the Test in plain English language and I personally like this one more so I have decided that I can build a tool that can combine the Code and Plain English language, some kind of features where I write the English text and tool can understand it’s meaning and perform action according to that.

If we can build this, this one reduces the time to develop code as tools automatically understand the meaning and as it’s plain English language so easy to maintain as well and after using about one year in our one of the customer’s project, It serves the purpose, We are able to develop the script very easily and not spending the much time in maintenance, allows us to focus more in manual testing and finding critical bugs.

What’s In future ?

In the future, We wanted to build the web application to create test and manage from it and utilise the AI and ML to make test step easy and mapping more keywords to action automatically.

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