When we term “Framework for Tester“, We really mean it, It’s not for the developer, who loves to write a lot of code for testing an app, it’s actually for the tester, who loves to test applications, a more faster  and easy way!!!!

Tesbo is the hybrid test framework that is built upon the keyword-driven and also representing the tests similar to the behaviour-driven approach. Tesbo supports the development of the Functional test script for the Web as well as Mobile Applications.

With the Tesbo, We wanted to reduce time and efforts of Test script development and maintenance

Tesbo Test

Let’s take a look on the promising features of the Tesbo.

Write Test into simple English language

  • Tesbo is allows you to write the test into the simple English languages. it means you don’t require to use the code to define your step in Tesbo. This will help you to reduce time and efforts.

Inbuilt Binary Driver Management

  • Updating driver binary every time when browser version update or binary version update is very painful. Fortunately Tesbo has inbuilt binary management so when your browser version update next time, Tesbo will automatically update the compatible binary version so your test won’t break due to update of browsers.

Cross-browser testing support

  • Now It’s very important that web and mobile app should work into browser like Chrome, Firefox and Edge etc.. Tesbo has very easy configuration to run the test on multiple browser.

Data-Driven testing Support

  • Tesbo will help you to run same test multiple time based on the data define in test files or external data files like excel. find more details on here

Define your custom test step

  • Tesbo has the flexibility to define custom step by writing code into the java files, this will help you in situation where some step required additional functionality. To know more about how to design the custom step, review this article.

Selenium Grid support

  • Selenium Grid helps you to design your execution environment by running test on multiple machine, With Tesbo, you can easily run the Test on Selenium Grid.

Parallel Test Execution

  • Executing test in Parallel helps you on speedup test execution and save time, In Tesbo you just need to set parallel status true with the parallel count from the config file and your test will run parallel based on the count given.

Retry Analyser

  • Sometimes Test is failed due to temp issue like a server issue, internet disconnection and this is not the actual app issue so you wanted to avoid this kind test failure, Retry analyser help you to run the failed Test again.

Multiple Browser Session Management

  • This is the unique feature Tesbo is providing, Where you can open multiple window session in the same test, This will helpful into the scenario like Admin login into the app and configure some settings for the user on one window and open another window and log in as user, by multiple windows you can back and forth anytime and perform assertion

Detailed HTML Test Report on local & Cloud

  • Tesbo generates the detailed test report into the HTML format with the pie and bar chart, Tesbo also going to release the cloud version report with the Build History Multiple projects, Build Analysis, Slack and Jira Integration.

And Many More….

Sound Interesting,, Let’s start the using Tesbo for your project, Found the complete Information from here : https://help.tesbo.io/hc/en-us/articles/360034571091-Getting-started-with-Tesbo.

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