Nowadays, businesses over the globe keep on foraying into a fierce market space that demands quality products to expand their market share. To support this Software development is also transforming to the advancement of new technologies and methodologies in terms of development process organisation.

As per the current trend most of the IT organisations are following agile methodology, where software testing transforms respectively, as it should meet technological and methodological approaches to ensure the high quality of software.

To cope up with these rapid changes every organisation wants to implement the Automation Testing. Automation is a transformative journey that adds value across modern business and IT organisations. A cohesive automation strategy and roadmap drive efficiency, agility and better experience, which together improve customer satisfaction and create new business insights for the organisation.

But Is it easy to move your monotonous task into chunks of automation script?

Which is the best automation tool for your project?

Should I use already developed tools that are available in market or should create own framework?

From where to start automating the application?

These are some common questions that comes into the mind of every manual QA Engineer, Right ?

We are struggling with Test Automation because we might not have the programming skills or maybe we have not had the opportunity to get Hands-On Test Automation Experience.

Tesbo is going to solve our all these problems related to Automation. We will get the chance to automate our regression suits, functions suits into the list of executable test cases with very minimal efforts.

Tesbo is designed specifically for Agile Teams, QA engineers and testers who don’t have computer science background or for the fellows who are new to automation testing. This is good news for developers as well, they can also use this tool for their unit testing. Tesbo team is working hard to close the Skills Gap in Automation Testing that has been needed over the past years.

Tesbo provides the below features which makes it unique compared to other tools:

  • Predefined structured skeleton for your Framework
  • Define your test cases in simple English language.
  • Identify the elements with the properties that you like.
  • Keywords are similar to the actions that you actually perform during manual testing
  • Easy to maintain and upgradable
  • Supports multiple frontend languages
  • Cross browser execution
  • Beautiful HTML reports on Local & Cloud

Tesbo believes that Quality is a culture, not a job title. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure quality.

For more update stay Tuned. ☺

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