Success in any test automation depends on identifying the right tool for the project. With a plethora of open-source and commercial automation tools to choose from, automation testing tool selection can become tricky.

Now a days QAs are performing different types of testing like API testing, Functional testing, UI testing, Regression testing, Retesting, Compatibility testing, Performance testing, Load testing, Integration testing, Cross browser testing. Hence it could be good if one tool can support multiple type of testing.

Below is the inclusive list of the most extensively used test automation tools, which includes both commercial and open-source test automation tools. However, almost all licensed tools have a free trial version available which facility you to work on the tools before deciding which one suits best to your requirements.

Here’s a list of top 10 automation testing tools which can help you meet your testing objectives perfectly.

1. Telerik Test Studio

Test Studio is a comprehensive and one of the most intuitive automation testing tools available. It offers robust functional UI testing, exploratory testing, load testing, performance testing, testing in Visual Studio, and mobile testing apart from manual testing capabilities.

2.  Selenium

Selenium is an open-source web automation tool, currently in demand, and widely used tool in the market. It can automate across multiple OS Like Windows, Mac, and Linux and browsers like Firefox, Chrome, IE, as well as Headless Browsers.

Selenium test script can be written in programming languages like Java, C#, Python, Ruby, PHP, Perl and JavaScript. Selenium offers record and playback features with its browser add-on Selenium IDE. The powerful Selenium WebDriver helps you create more complex and advanced automation scripts. Mostly it is used for regression and reusability testing.

3. Robotium

Robotium is a popular automation testing framework for Android. It supports native and hybrid applications, and makes writing automated black-box test cases easy. It also integrates seamlessly with Gradle, Ant, and Maven which helps to run test cases as continuous integration. Main focus of this tool is mobile automation.

4. Ranorex

Over 14,000 users worldwide accelerate testing with Ranorex Studio, an all-in-one tool for test automation. Ranorex is easy for beginners with a codeless click-and-go interface, but powerful for automation experts with a full IDE for C# or VB.NET, and open APIs. With the help of this tool QA can perform API and web automation.

5. Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is a Closed-source but free to use automation tool and supports the web and mobile environment.

It works on top on Selenium and Appium, thereby enhancing those frameworks with features like object spy, user-friendly IDE, object repository & browser plugin

The tool uses Groovy as the scripting language & support external Java library. Katalon allows you to re-use Selenium scripts written in Java and use directly in the tool. It works seamlessly with Continuous Integration systems like Jenkins, Bamboo, and TeamCity.

6. Tesbo: Framework for Test Engineers

Tesbo is the hybrid test framework that is built upon the keyword-driven and also representing the tests similar to the behaviour-driven approach. Tesbo supports the development of the Functional test script for the Web as well as Mobile Applications.

It provides facility to develop Test script easily in plain English text. It also provide the feature named as custom step in which QA can write the code in Java. It means you have flexibility to write the code to fulfil any requirement. It generates beautiful reports which is very useful for reporting purpose. It could be integrated with different CI/CD and bug tracking tools.

Through Tesbo you can suffice different types of testing like Regression testing, Retesting, functional testing, UI testing, Compatibility testing, Cross browser testing , integration testing, Mobile testing, API testing etc.

7. TestComplete

TestComplete is a powerful and easy-to-use functional test automation tool from SmartBear. It can automate tests across desktop, mobile, and web applications.

TestComplete supports many scripting languages like VBScript, Python, and JavaScript as well as various testing techniques such as keyword-driven testing, data-driven testing, regression testing, and distributed testing.

With the tool’s record-and-replay feature and the robust object identification engine, you can also create complex automated test scripts without writing a single line of code.

8. Visual Studio Test Professional

This is the most comprehensive testing solution for all Microsoft platforms, including desktops, phones, tablets, servers, and also the cloud. With MSDN subscription you can also access all the other Microsoft products and services, which can further help you to design, develop, and test your applications on multiple platforms.

9. QTP (UFT)

QTP Unified Functional Test is leading cross-platform automation testing tool. It can automate Web, Desktop, SAP, Delphi, Net, ActiveX, Flex, Java, Oracle, Mobile, PeopleSoft, PowerBuilder, Siebel, Stingray, Visual Basic amongst other applications. UFT uses VBScript as the scripting language.

The tool is tightly integrated with HP ALM (Test Management Tool) and HP LoadRunner (Performance Testing Tool)

Some of the distinguishing features of UFT include Business Process Testing, keyword driven framework, XML support, robust checkpoints, test results.

10. SoapUI

This is an open source web service testing application for SOA (service oriented architectures) and REST (representational state transfers). It offers automated functional testing, automated load testing, and compliance testing. It also offers mocking and simulation features apart from web service inspection.

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