Tesbo is closed source, forever free to use.

Cross browser support

Run your test on any browsers, versions and viewport

Parallel Test execution

Run your test in parallel to reduce the Test execution time

Easy to integrate with CI platform

Integrate your like test with any CI platform like Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity etc.

Data Driven Testing

Run single test for the multiple data using excel or Json

In Built Web driver Manager

You don't need to worry about the update your binary when browser version are updated

Selenium Grid Supports

Expand your test execution on various platforms and browsers with Selenium Grid.


Test in plain English language

Develop Test script easily in plain English text.

Create Multiple suites to organize the tests.


Define your custom step and code

Tesbo provide support to design custom step by writing code in Java.

It means you have flexibility to write the code to fulfill any requirement.


Detailed Test Report

Know what is causing your test failed with detailed stack trace, steps, and graph. Analyze build and test history with charts.

Tesbo world has many member

Tesbo Web : Framework for your Web

Develop easy to maintain, reusable test for your web application, support multiple environment and browsers.

Tesbo Report : Get your test report, Build history and analytics on cloud.

Run your test in parallel to reduce the Test execution time

Coming Soon

Tesbo Mobile

Design your test for the mobile. Running test on Parallel mode, On multiple devices, Platform at the same time.

Tesbo API

Ensure API with tesbo API framework.

Tesbo World

Tesbo Web/ Mobile/ API
Free Forever

    All Tesbo framework are free to use and we are committed to maintain it with bug fixes and new features on regular time interval.














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Tesbo Report (Beta)
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     Last 30 build History


     1 Project


     Live Report generation


     Email Notification


    Coming Soon:

     TestNG and Cucumber Support


     Build Analysis


     Test Analysis


     Jira, Slack Integration

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